Save button closes form even-though property is set not to

Hello, I have a dataview which "close on save/cancel" property is set to "No". When the save or cancel buttons are clicked the home page (or last page) is opened. I was expecting it to stay on the employee page. Is this a bug? Follow this URL for a demo of the issue. URL: Go to Employee -> click on Save User. The Home Page is opened.
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The standard Save button will always close the page. If you do not want this, create a Action button with a Microflow that only commits the object.

With the property Close Button you can choose what button needs to be "Clicked" when the user uses the X on the top right of your pop-up. This is normally your cancel button. This ensures there is no difference whether the user clicks the X or the cancel button. This comes in handy when you have a custom MF Cancel button.



The Save on Close/Cancel property only has effect when your page is opened in content. Are you using a popup?