Page per reference-set value

Hi, I have a scenario where i have a reference-set in which there are many ‘’City’s”. Now per City there fields to be filled (for each city ofcourse) 1. Page1 : Select your cities, using a reference-set selector lets say 2. On Next, I have Page2 with First City and the 2 fields 3. On Next I have Page3 with Second City and the 2 fields 4. On next, it goes on untill i reach the Total NUmber of Cities I selected I can imagine the root entity which has the referece-set selector, then a reference 1 to Many lets say CityData entity which has 1 Reference per entry and also defines the needed fields. trouble is, though i can imagine this in the Domain Model i cant seem to figure out a way in user journey pages. Any ideas?
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A possible way:

  1. Page 1: a reference selector to select the cities.
  2. Page 2: a template grid that has data source by association so it creates a '’row'’ for every City that you associated on the previous page. Make the settings so that the template grid shows 1 column and 1 row. In that way the template grid shows 1 city at a time. With the paging buttons from the template grid, the user can then step trough the different cities. If you choose to create the entity CityData as you describe, then place a listview for example inside the template grid. Give the listview datasource by association to display all CityData objects associated to the City object. I could also imagine you don't need the CityData entity en just put the fields in City. But that depends on your requirements.