Video background for mobile devices

I’m trying to implement video as a background on the page, it works fine in the Mendix Hybrid Phone web preview, but doesn’t work on a mobile device (in Mendix app). Is there a way to implement video background in Mendix for mobile devices? Here is the HTML I use: <div class="video-container"> <video autoplay loop muted id="video-bg"> <source src="video/FunFair.mp4" type="video/mp4" /> </video> </div>  
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Hello Maxim,

I've had the problem with playing video within Hybrid application, but in that case my source was Youtube and I've resolved it using the following code: 

<allow-navigation href="*://*" /> 

It should be added within "Custom Phonegap/Cordova configuration" (Mobile section) or you can add it to config.xml file.