How to add photos to my homepage

I want to use some photo's for my homepage. Right now I can't upload photo's anywhere, I can only create an “Image Uploader”. Of course that's not what i'm looking for. Can somebody help me out?
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If you right-click in your project Explorer. You can go to Add other > Image collection. Here you can add images, which you can use on your page (e.g. with the Image widget).


Another option would be to add an images directory in your theme folder (in your project directory) and upload images here. These images can be used in your css -> url(/images/image.png)


You can use the 'Image’ widget. And upload the image you want in the modeler.

When placing the widget on the page you are prompted to select the image from your project.

To upload an image to the modeler:

  1. Choose the module in which you want to upload the image.
  2. Right click on the module and 'Add other’ → Image collection (if not already present in your module).
  3. Then open that Images collection. In the top-left you see 'Add’ Click that to add images.


Then put the 'Image’ widget on your desired page and select the image you just uploaded.