EmailTemplate Module vs. SMTPEmail Module

I have used the EmailTemplate Module in a number of projects and found it to be very functional and useful. In looking at the app store, I see a new module released last month called SMTPEmail for sending email via SMTP. The EmailTemplate module can send email via SMTP. Both modules were authored by Mendix. This made me wonder why the need for 2 different modules. Perhaps Mendix could comment on: Module differences Use cases for each module What drove the need for the new module Thanks!
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The reason behind this is that we've recently introduced a separate mail module supporting Amazon WS. If we're going to support more cloud platforms, we potentially will be having more email modules which would all consist of a template part. To keep that part maintainable we have splitted up the E-mail module with templates to two different modules. Besides that, in our opininion, the text template module offers more value than just for the e-mail module.


I think part of the reasoning behind this is that the SMTPEmail module will have platform level support, where templating will have community level support. These are my assumptions. I tried to check the actual support levels but all the page wants to tell me is "Could not create widget mxui.widget.DataView: TypeError: node is null" :).