Trying to create subitem under particular category

Hi Team, I have created a category and I am looking to create something like once i click the category it should show up the different product lists which are available in my case. Can you help me to fix this?
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Not exactly sure what you want to achieve but maybe this helps.

If you have 2 entities: Category and Product, make sure the product refers to the category. In other words make sure the Product page has a reference selector to select the category.

Create a page with a datagrid of the categories. Next to the grid add a dataview with the source being listen to grid. MAke sure this listens to the datagrid of categories. In the dataview add a datagrid that shows products over the association with the category. Now when selecting a category the dataview is populated with the category and shows a grid of all the products that are associated with the selected category.

For more information of listen to grid see: