Autonumber attribute always 0

Hi,  I have an application with an entity that uses a Autonumber attribute. Running the application locally everything looks good, but on the production server the attribute is always set to 0 (the default value given for the Autonumber attribute is 1). On the test/integration server, the problem also doesn’t exist. The application has several defined roles, that all have full read and full or limited write rights to the entity.   Does anyone have an idea what goes wrong here? Thx!  
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Did you add the autonumber as an attribute after already many objects existed without it? If so, it could be related to the difference in database behavior which I have seen:

  • Locally we run on Postgres and we saw that for all existing records the autonumber was set to 0 once introduced;
  • In other environments (on-premise MS SQL) we did not see this behavior and a number was correctly picked from the autonumber sequence.


Hope this helps!