Unable to create chart with source microflow in Mendix 8

Hi all, recently in my mendix 8 project i try to use mendix chart widget. Everything work like charm when I use database source with Xpath, but when I change source to microflow started troubles . On browser I see endless loading circle in place where should display chart. I added break point inside datasource microflow, it's triggered and list of object was created and send to widget. Additionaly I use only demo/prototype security and every role have access to microflow. Anyone have same problem and found solution? Thanks in advance  
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Hi there,

This seems to be a bug, I have the same problem when using a DS microflow in V8.

It is worth noting that it is a beta version and not all widgets / modules in the appstore are upgraded yet.

I hope they do it soon though :)


I can still reconstruct the error also with Mendix 8.6.0. D**n Microflows :)


Hi Christian,

are you maybe refreshing that Object in Microflow?