Creating Application to match skills with employees.

When selecting an employee from a list I would like my application to list all the skills associated with that specific employee. I would also like this to be done from the skills required of a specific job application. The end goal is to be able to match the employee skills with the job requirements to find the best fit candidate. Being able to personalize a list of skills from a dropdown menu to match the job description would also be helpful. If anyone has any insight please let me know. 
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List all the employees in a listview and add a button (View Skills) inside the listview to open a page which has a datagrid which list  the skills of specific employee in a new page via association. Silmilarly,you can use this to retrieve skills of specific jobs


Here is the domainmodel:


Now in the Domain model view, right-click and select Generate Overview pages. Select all three entities and you've got _Overview and _NewEdit pages. In the _NewEdit pages of both Employee and Job, add a Datagrid with as Datasource the association to Skill.