Datasource microflow used a in dataview re-triggers before view change

Is there anyone who can explain the following events occurring, My datasource microflow is used in a dataview that was placed inside a listview. In my current project it appears to be so that once I change my page with the parent object containing this listview, the child dataviews that were set by the datasource microflow are being re-triggered before changing the view? Why does it do that?
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Marnix this was specifically changed in 5.19 (I think, maybe 5.18), and reverted back in I think 5.21.1 (or around that version). So you are using one of the few Mendix versions where you will run into this issue. Our 5.19 project uses a Javascript patch to prevent this from happening. I fyou cannot move to a later Mendix version for some reason I would suggest contacting Mendix support to see if they want to provide you with this patch as well.