Message of the day idea

I don’t know about anyone else but I sometimes have random ideas pop into my heads about ways to do something in Mendix… in this case, I was just drifting off to sleep… anyway, I’ve had a thought on how to give the user’s a Message of the day (MOTD) – maybe to let them know the app will be restarted or to inform them of a new feature. If I create an entity called MOTD – with a boolean attribute called ‘Enabled’, and a string attribute called ID. And a text field.  In the app create an object with the ID of for example ‘1234’ In a login Microflow (I use SAML SSO so I would put an action in the custom user provisioning MF as that’s the last one to run before the user hits the homepage) put an action to retrieve from the database the first record from MOTD with the Name ‘1234’. (meaning all users will retrieve the same object).  Check if the MOTD object is enabled, if yes display a message with the text from the MOTD/Text Field. If no, do nothing.  Running it at login means it will not run every time the user hits the homepage (which would increase the load and annoy the user).  Can be expanded to make it so the user has to confirm they’ve read it, or alternatively once the user has seen the message, it won’t show at next login (or a ‘do not show at next login box’. Would this work? (I am planning on trying it soon when I’ve got some spare time)  
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I don’t see why it should not work. Sounds like an Idea for an AppStore module ;-)