Multi Select tick box filter *-1 on string value

Hi everyone, I have scenario where I need to be able to filter data in a datagrid or listview from a check box filter. I want to be able to show records that have a matching string value when the corresponding box is ticked. There will only be 3 options in my example below. Phil Phil2 and Phil3 Records can be assigned to only one person so I have a *-1 relationship from Record to assigned person (Business Manager).   I can easily achieve this for one value but the issue I’m having is if the user wants to tick different combinations. For example show records assigned to phil2 and phil3 or Phil and Phil3 I tried conditionally showing data grids with xpath retrieves corresponding to the different variables. This kind of works but there must be a better way? Below is what I have so far any ideas would be appreciated.  
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Hi Phil!

I think it is a lot more easier. You can add a search field with type: Drop-down.
In this drop-down you load as attribute the business manager. See this screenshot:
With Allow multi-select you can select one business manager of multiple business managers.

Hope this helps!