Publish a webservice from a given wsdl file

We have received a wsdl file from a hardware supplier. This supplier provides our customers with mifare and nfc readers so clients can pay with contactless devices. The reader calls a webservice. This webservice has to be created according to the wsdl file they supplied and specified. If not correct the hardware will not work. Is it possible to create a published webservice from this supplied wsdl file? Thanks!
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Not tried, but you could try first to consume this webservice using the provided WSDL and then change the consumed webservice to a published webservice. If the WSDL that Mendix produces is the same as the WSDL you got then it works.



[EDIT] For importing the webservice look at the documentation here: As the result you should not have a new entity and the attributes provided by the webservice. This will probably be non-persisted objects. Now change them to persistend objects and create the forms to view the objects. From there you can use the documentation here ( ) to expose this table as a webservice.


Thank you Ronald, Any idea how I can turn a consumed webservice into a published one? Thanks again.