Showing App Build Version / Revision number from Teamserver

Hello, is there a widget or module for showing the App Build version / revision number that comes from Teamserver? I searched in the forum, and I think there was a question about this 6 years ago, with the answer No. Is this still the case? Or do we now have a better solution, other then manually updating a constant ?   Best regards, Raymond.
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You can also do it the fun way, with REST, through the Deploy API. Under 3.5 you see how to get the wanted information. Be sure to check out the outher API's too for some nice possibilities.


EDIT: An examble to set it up (but maybe the java way would be a lot easier for you right now)

Use the JSON snippet on the documentation page for creating a new JSON structure in Mendix and use that for creating an import mapping.


You can use Java.