Use of Associations

Hi community,   i want to connect two entities. Following situation: Entity 1: Projektname (String) Entity 2: ToDo (String) On my overview page on the left side there is an listview showing the projektname. On the right side there is an tab container with an dataview showing the projekt belonging projektname (Tab 1). On Tab 2 i want to show the belonging ToDo Entity only for particular projekt. At the moment Tab 1 is working fine. In Tab 2 i can add ToDo Entities, but these are displayed in every projekt. I hope this is nearly clear. How can i solve this problem.   Thanks.
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You need to set your DataView to “listen to widget” so that it listens to the Listview showing your entity1. Within this dataview, you can now have a second dataview, showing your entity2 (via association).


When reading your other post about associations, it seems like many ToDos belong to one project (*-1 association). In this case, your dataview on the right side need to contain a widget that is able to show a list of objects (datagrid, templategrid or listview) because you might have multiple ToDos per project.