Theming for different browsers

Hi, I've only been working with themes for a short while, so forgive me if I'm asking less intelligent questions. What has been frustrating me for now is that cross-browser theme development is quite hard. This is because the base css's use too many browser-specific properties. Did anyone succeed in creating a clean theme that is cross-browser compatible (IE6 and IE7 not included)?
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Hello Ruben,

You can find several tutorials on our documentation server to create a custom theme. These can be found here. It's not possible to make any adjustments to the tundra or base.css, so we always make a separate custom.css file to overwrite the default styles.

What kind of cross browser problems are you facing?

You could also download a custom theme from the App Store and look at the style sheets how there built.


As Erik said: you can always use your own custom.css to overwrite the base tundra.css. Maybe you could explain what differences you've noticed in which browsers.