Executable examples / specification by example within Mendix?

Hi all, I am currently working on my first Mendix project. I have a background in Java and I am used to working test driven using Specification by Example. Getting the requirements from the customer, writing them down as executable specifications using Gherkin and  then using for example Cucumber to automate the examples. Is it possible to do the same in Mendix?  Is it possible to write plain test feature files (as in Cucumber) and clue them to the automated tests? Note: The customer has decided not to invest in ATS.  
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No, this way of working is not supported in Mendix. In my experience, because of the visual nature of Mendix and its lower complexity (when compared to e.g. Java), such an approach isn't required to deliver applications, nor would it fit the profile of the typical Mendix developer.


There is, however, some support for test driven development: you could use the Unit Test module from the App Store to enable this approach.