What is your advice for integrating apps and restrictions free MxApp?

Hi Guys, As a founder for a startup I was wondering whether I should use Mendix with a Php/wordpress system for my app. Below I have some questions, if you could answer them or give me other important information I would be very happy. 1 - Seen the fact that there are limited users of 10 (internal/external) for free Mendix edition (and I expect more users than this), I thought to make a hybride system with a PHP on some screens for users (registration & other form screens of users). I think on this way to be smart and not exceeding the limited amount for the free edition. Am I making here wrong assumptions in this way of thinking? 2 - I think to build some pages in Php (registration, reacting) so that the users dont have to register in Mendix. The remaining pages could be in Mendix. And the data could be imported to Mendix by web services and also exported with webservices to Php, so that the both systems could talk with each other and do what both should do. In how far is this realistic, what could be problems (especially with the free version)? 3 - Actually the app is simple, a lead generating app. You send a request, you get different offers back and you order one of these offer. What could be a smart hybride solution with the use of Mendix, seen that I like working with Mx. I hope to receive some of your advices, informations/examples about integrating Mx with PHP. Thanks
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The advantage of Mendix is a higher speed, flexibility and quality but everything has its price. For a fair comparison take all aspects like development time, cost of deployment, maintenance, license costs.

Personally I would no go for a hybrid system. That has the disadvantages of both approaches.