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Hi there, the proble is to connect to a sql database and show all the datas inside the database. To start the connecting we use the following microflow:       how can i show the datas in a listview with automatic refresh, when datas wil change? Thank you
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Hi Daniel,

There are a couple different ways that this can be achieved.

  1. If your data is non persistent you can add a listview to your page and source that using a microflow (use this one and return the list from the SQL query in the end event).
  2. You can create a page where you have a dataview and a listview with data source over an association. Then you can populate the data using a microflow similar to the one you posted, but add an iterator where you associate your list of data to the object on the page. 
  3. You can persist your data and use a listview with data source xpath. Then you would have a microflow that would query the external db and update your data where it would do a create or update where necessary. I would go this route if the data doesnt change that often. If its changing frequently then maybe non-persistent is the way to go.


Hope this helps!


Edit: Here’s some quick examples for above.


i got always the error “Parameter ‘SQL’ of the selected microflow does not match available arguments. No arguments available’