email RegEx with apostrophe

Hi guys, is there already a Mendix used email RegEx which caters for apostrophe before the @ symbol (e.g. "o'"). The one form community commons doesn't cater for it, and before I get one from the web, I thought I ask if there is one Mendix "recognised" RegEx being used already. The community commons one: \w+((-|+|.)\w+)@\w+([.-]?\w+)(.\w{2,})+ Thanks. LR.
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Trying to validate an email address using a regex is pretty much a bad idea. What makes a valid email address is not very well formally defined, and even it was it wuold be likely to change. The fact that the one in community commons finds a perfectly valid email address to be invalid proves the point.

If you still want to, go for the simplest form possible, like ^[^@]+@[^@]+.[^@]+$ .


We've had a topic about this fairly recently, see here.