error in datagrid after save microflow (An error occurred in listener of event onRefresh: TypeError: Cannot read property getCurrentGridSize of null)

Someone an idea what this error means and what I can do to solve it?  The functionality works (commit of entity with associated entities in the datagrid), but I sometimes get an ‘An error occurred, contact systemadministrator.’ error after the close page activity in this save microflow. This is accompanied by an error in the console; An error occurred in listener of event 'onRefresh': TypeError: Cannot read property 'getCurrentGridSize' of null. I do not use  ‘onRefresh’ and ‘getCurrentGridSize' myself.  
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Hi Evangeline, 

There's no such thing as “sometimes” in IT :-)   There must be a pattern, such as accidentally pressing the close button twice. Or trying to show an object that has been deleted in the background etc….

It might help to share here the composition of the page and the activities happening in the close action…