Getting dropzone to work with large files

I am trying to upload a 13,4GB large file to my Mendix App using the Dropzone widget from the App Store. After a few seconds, the widget reports that the ‘Server responded with 0 code.’   I have tried to look for a setting to change the timeout setting for uploading files to Mendix, though no such setting appears in the Mendix Desktop Modeler. How can I upload large files (several GB) to a Mendix App – is it something I can do myself, or will I need to contact Mendix Support to have a limit increased?   Thank you in advance.
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This kind of large files need to be chunked (so you have to control the fileupload size, chunking, chunksize) like in the official documentation is advised;

In the source of this widget I dont see directly the function supporting chunked uploading; and

Probably you have to adjust the widget, may you can pull a request to Chris.

The other question is whether you should use this widget for this large files instead of more Java native solutions which reads the input stream as raw bytes of data  like described here  / . Then the type of content doesn't matter and that type of chunking would not harm the file.