Use of Modul Database Connector

Hi community, I´m new in Mendix. I downloaded the module database connector, but I dont know how to show the datas in a table, add new databases, insert new entities. The connection itselfs (URL, Password, Username, Query) works fine and i got the datas from my external database. How the microflow should look like and how to use them to show, add and edit my datas?   Thanks.  
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In your microflow, you retrieve your data from your external database. This is a 1st step!

Now, you need to display it on pages.

  1. Do you want to re-use your SQL_Data entity? (not the best option)
  2. Or, do you want to copy your data to Entities from your domain model? (I suggest to do that)


In your microflow, once your data retrieved, loop over the result (you should have a list of SQL_Data as result).

Within the loop, create all appropriated Entities needed.


Once this done, you still need to show a page?

→ Use the action “Call a page”, and that’s all!

Your page display content from database? Make sure to commit the newly created entities.

You need to pass a context entity? You have it in your microflow


Here all the infos about how to show data using Mendix: