Add a task to the Queue to be executed at a set date/over X hours

Currently I am working on an application with auctions. I want to be able to set the end date of the auction and call a microflow when the auction is done. The microflow must be called even if there are no users online. I have looked into the documentation of the Queue and Process Queue modules, hoping to find a solution there. Sadly I could not create the functionality that I hoped for.   For now I am going to create a scheduled-event and check for auctions every few minutes.   Does anybody know of a way to achieve “dynamic timed” queues, where a microflow is called at a time set by an user or X hours after creating an event?
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Hello Yorik,

I don’t think Mendix has any out of the box functionality to do that.

I'd personally suggest continuing with the scheduled event approach. You could limit front end selections for minutes to be 00, 15, 30 and 45 when selecting the end date for the auction and run the event every 15 minutes if you’re concerned about performance. 

Hope this helps