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Hi all,In my Application Login page was there and I’m trying to add forgot password in my login page…………….what i’m trying to do is with the same login  ID the user has to be logged in but with the new password which he’s requested for
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Hello Sai,

Have you looked at the Forgot Password module in the appstore? Are your already using it ?

If you’re already using it and you want to skip a re-authentication you would have to do that in Java. Personally I would suggest against it as you’d have a new login flow (via your new MF) which could become a security risk down the line if not maintained.

Edit: If you still want to do it, in a java action use this command:

Core.authenticate(getContext(), User, Password);

Hope this helps


Hi Dragos,


I had downloaded the forgot password module in mendix 7 and got some errors