1-* association

Hi all, I have a situation wherein one entity of my domain model is associated with multiple (copies/entries?) of another entity.  I can quote an example here as follows: When i create a new training program(entity A), I can arrange this in multiple locations(entity B, on different dates). When I restrict the number of such training locations(with an attribute in the training program entity A) with n(say 5 or 10 etc, this is done dynamically in the form where I create the training program details), I should allow n location names to be entered by the organizer. How do I show n text boxes where the organizer can enter the location names, since the n itself is dynamic? Any pointers, please?  
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Create an object that is associated to entity A with a date attribute.

Based on n create a loop, with the help of an exclusive split and a merge activity to create your n objects that you associate to the entity A object. Then display these n objects in a listview that is editable.

Now you can enter the amount of dates that is defined by n.