Mx6.2.0 fixes storage of non-localized date attributes as localized values.

In the Mx6.2.0 release notes it is stated this problem is fixed. This implies that our databases might be corrupted and that we need to repair the damage. To analyse this I would like to know the circumstances in which the problem occurred and in which Mendix version this problem was introduced. The release notes refer to tickets 463938 and 463994, so perhaps the submitters of these tickets can tell us more about this problem
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The bug description is slightly misleading in that the bug was arguably a UI issue rather than a storage problem. Non-localized dates displayed in a date picker would jump to the UTC value whenever a new value was submitted and the user left the field. This was entirely visible to the user and happened before any database interaction, giving them the opportunity to correct the problem.

However, assuming your users are not all Hawk-eye, it is possible a user may have missed the jump and saved anyway. In this manner some data may have been submitted with an offset of your time zone.

Just to emphasize: this only pertains to non-localized dates rendered in editable date pickers. All your other date values are fine.