App from a spreadsheet : Excel sheet size limitation

In the web modeler, there is a new feature of converting spreadsheet to app. However there is a limitation of uploading the excel file upto 350kb. Is there a possibility that we can upload a larger file or is the size of upload going to increase in the future because I have lot of usecases which involves larger files.
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I think that this is something for the idea forum or Mendix support.


I assume this limit is there to avoid that actual big data is imported there.

The main purpose of this feature is to automatically generate the structure of your data model. I think if you only upload some sample tables there it should not be a problem to fit min. 50 sheets with some columns and sample data into that size.

So maybe you can just remove some data from your sample sheet for testing. Otherwise it’s indeed a topic for support.


Hi, this is indeed something for the idea forum.

Meanwhile, here’s the answer to your question: yes, that is the current limit and yes, that will be increased in the near future. Fabian’s point above is also valid; in general you can fit a lot of sheets and columns in that size already. May I ask how many sheets, columns and rows you are trying to import? Just to get a better idea on what you are trying to achieve.


Daniel (product manager Studio)