Offline Mobile DB

I've setup a basic Mendix Offline Mobile app & have encountered some problems, just want to verify what I am doing is correct. I created my Offline Profile and settup my views etc (all basic mainly data grids). So my Mendix side is all ready to go. I download the code from Sprinter for PhoneGap - Enable the offline aspect. Run the app which downloads the resource zip and all good so far. I get asked to login which after I am greeted by a white screen. Upon debugging it appears the sqlite database ( is not added to config by default. I added this which appeared to fix the application until I load a page with a data grid on it where I get the error: db[name] is not a function. (In 'db[name]', 'db[name]' is undefined) I understand this is Beta functionality but is this me setting up the application wrong or is this a bug?
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It's not stated very clearly, but the documentation does say you need to disable windows phone to build for offline. Sorry about that, we're trying to improve in this area. (the plugin breaks on windows phone, so we don't include it if you're building for WP)