Passing object parameter to all Menu items on a page

Hi all, I have a very basic(rather dumb) question. I have a custom login page and after successful login, I get redirected by a microflow(which validates the user details) to a landing page which gets a page parameter containing all the user details of the logged-in user. On this landing page, I have a simple menu bar which has various user-specific activity links. How do I send the user details that are part of page parameter of the landing page to the links on menu bar? When I write microflows to do so, I get error saying I do not have user details entity.(But this is a page parameter already.) How do I carry this user details forward to all the links on the menu? Thank you to everyone on the forum for answering my questions. I seem to be having too many, and am posting atleast one or two per day. :)
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Are your buttons nested in the dataview on this page? In order to pass this parameter, they have to.

But if the shown information is associated with the user, you can also retrieve them as the currentUser can always be used in microflows.