Weeknumbers using formatDateTime in Mendix ( - differs depending on localize settings

I created a microflow which results in the current weeknumber using the following piece of code parseInteger(formatDateTime($InputStartDate,'ww')) When my language is set to Dutch it results in the correct week, example 26-05-2010 will result to week 21 -> correct But when i set the language to English United state it is set to week 22 - false. Is there a way to get the correct weeknumber without having to worry about the language setting from the user?
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The weeknumber in the US will differ from the weeknumber in the Netherlands, so this is technically correct. If you need the dutch weeknumber even if your user's settings are based on US locale, I would create a Java action in which you set the Locale of the date to a dutch locale. (See http://www.onlineconversion.com/dayweeknumber.htm, add 05/30/2010 and you'll see a difference)