Problem with IE 8,9,10

My app works with IE 11 but does not with previous versions. I get a blank page. I looked at the logs and I can observe two things: There is an SEC71111 error: SEC7111: HTTPS security is compromised by https:/ With IE 8,9,10, the last network request is to retrieve /widgets/RichText/widget/styles/content.css?635893656072282710 where as with IE 11, it continues on with /widgets/DragAndSupportWidget/lib/jquery-1.10.2.min.js?635893656072282710 and there are much more requests after that. I don't have the skills to investigate further more. Does anyone have an idea on how to identify and/or solve the problem?
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There is a chance the widget you implemented used a non https resource, which is conflicting to the Mendix environment, things like google fonts, external javascript libraries and image resources should all be loaded over https://

At least that is my first guess where this error comes from.