Learning Mendix

I am new to Mendix and want to learn how to use and build Apps using Mendix. Can some guide which links/tutorial to go ?
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Hi here is a link to the learning paths



I suggest you start with these. 

Then you can read some how-to’s once you start to create your first app





As suggested by Phil Fowler the recommended way is by going through the learning paths in the Academy; however, if you prefer video tutorials and you don’t mind practicing on a bit older version of the modeler/Studio Pro (since the basics are almost the same and there are few changes to them aside from the more beautiful UI in the recent Studio Pro) then you can check out this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtgX3vn-RJwEGC-LrNxugq18ThhgvTbR_

We usually recommend (to our trainees/interns) going through the videos first using the old Modeler and then the learning paths to catch up with any new features or changes in the more recent modeler (Studio Pro). Just skip the video tutorials about using the Mendix Platform because it has changed and there’s no way for you to use the older version of it.


@Phil Thanks for the Links and directions