Restful Timeout is not affecting

We are facing a intermittent issue when loading a huge data from REST API most often. It is checked with Google chrome developer tool,if server response time taking more than a minute(60seconds) to respond,the error message displayed as a blocking popup. Issue faced in Google chrome and IE browsers. Error Message-" An error occurred, please contact your system adminstrator." I changed the timeout to 10mins on REST Block, couze the api takes almost 9mins to return the response(tested via postman).But still the application timesout at 1min throwing the following error and 502 proxy error in network tab. Could anyone share your thoughts on it.
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The problem is not in the REST call but in the way the microflow is invoked from the page.
By default microflow calls timeout after 60 seconds. If you know that a microflow will last longer you need to change the call type to asynchronous –