Generating an xml from a webservice (URL)

Hi all, I’m in need of help with regards to fixing an existing code done by someone else to display an xml from a web service (directly from a URL) Currently in the code I noticed we are using a number of web services but we do not have a feature to view the xml file of the “Request” and “Response” files. Basically what I intend to do here is to use an existing webservice (from a URL) and then add on a feature to show the xml for a given instance of a web service call (could be either Request or Response) I have referred the online documentation but it only refers to use of the files stored in a local drive ( but what I want to do in this case is to directly use the URL of the webservice and convert it to a xml and display. I use Mendix 5.9.1 Will immensely appreciate any guidance. Best Regards Nimesh
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I don't understand your question exactly. When you enable trace loggign on the Webservice lognode you see all soap Envelope XMLs, both requests and responses.

When you want the response XML in your app to show to a user for instance, you could do this by calling the web service in Java. Then you are very flexible in using the request and response XML but you will need to create the request XML and the mapping of the response yourself in Java. This will take much more time than when you use the Mendix web services functionality.

Hope this helps.


Hi Nimesh,

Immediately after you called the web service (Call Web service activity), you can add the activity called: "Export XML Document". In this action you define the same XML mapping you used in the web service call and the same object you are passing to the web service call.

From the Export XML Document action you can either create a FileDocument or a string as output.