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Hi all We are creating an app which will allow care workers to track epileptic seizures.  I currently have the following entities People we support have their own unique types of seizure (so linked PWS 1- * Types) We track every seizure so that is linked also linked (PWS 1-* Seizures) I also need to link seizures to a type of seizure, but they can only be linked to types that the person we support has. 
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Garion, you clearly need to add another association from the Siezure object to the TypesOfSiezure object so that you can categorize the siezure to a particular type.  To restrict the choices of Types to the relevant list for that Person, look at the ConstrainedBy property of the association when you add it to your Siezure form/page. 


Hello Garion,

You’ll most likely want to have Person linked to Seizure ( 1-* ) and then Seizure linked to Type (*-1).

That way a seizure will always have a type and you can retrieve all types a person has had via association.

Hope this helps