Best practice guidelines & the advanced developer exam.

Dear community, After working with Mendix for a year i figured its time to get my advanced certification and since implementing Mendix's best practice guidelines is part of that I’m freshing up on them by reading this documentation page: One thing that worries me is that in all the projects I worked on so far we use the prefix “SUB_” for submicroflows, but there is no mention of this prefix in the page mentioned above. The more experienced devs I work with are telling me they used the SUB prefix on their exams, but they have gotten their advanced certification +4 years ago so things might have changed? Does anyone who recently took the exam know if I’m allowd to use the SUB prefix?
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Hi Robin,

The reason the use of the ‘SUB_’ prefix is not mentioned in the best practices document, is because it is not a best practice :) It does not add anything.

If the prefix has a meaningful information about its use (ACT, BCo, DS etc) add it, otherwise I would adhere to “<ObjectName>_<Function>”


I did the exam at the start of this year somewhere and I seem to have used SUB_ at certain parts. 
You could always try to ask the examinator present quickly before starting the exam if they accept the SUB prefix ;) 

 What they do is look at several areas (as discussed in the advanced course) and also look at overall impression as well. I doubt one prefix would be enough to make a severe impact on this