Create a special list for each Entity

Hello Community, I hope somebody can help me, I will be very thankful.   Regarding to the use case/problem: Firstly, I have created an Overview of some instances (e.g. Factories). Then, I created a grid, which display all connected projects (these are entities with a 1:* connection between factory and project).  Finally, my question is about the grid list. I would only show the corresponding project if I click on the factory instance. At the moment I have the list of all projects, which can be filtered by the factories.   Here, you can see my idea regarding to factory 1. (The red arrow illustrate the “click” on the factory instance)   Does somebody know, how I could create a special ovierview for each factory?   Thanks a lot!   Marvin
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Create a Dataview on your page whose data source is Listen to.  For the source, listen to the grid or list view of your factories.  Finally, move the Projects grid inside of this dataview and change the datasource so that it lists the projects over the association with the enclosing Factory.

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Hi Marvin,

You can use a dataview with 'Listen to’ as datasource: see this page for more info. Good luck!