I am adding external link

I am trying to develop an app where I entered the link wizard and gave a name. When I click on this link button which has the following lin (https://developer.mendixcloud.com/index3.html)   This is not opening in tablet browser ,rather it is opening as a new tab or window. I am trying to create a Page , for any link example :https://developer.mendixcloud.com/index3.html , I am unable to do so  Please suggest/
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You can try to use the URL Redirector widget ( https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/113/ ). You can:

- Put it on an empty page. Then you can open this page when you click the button and the widget will navigate to the link entered.

- Place the widget on the same page as your button and use a boolean atribute to see determine whether the widget should be visible. When you click the button, you can switch a boolean attribute, which will show the widget and navigate to the other page.