Listview custom sorting

Is there a way to sort a listview item up and down and keep the order when displaying the items? So for example: - Item 1 - Item 2 - Item 3   I click on an arrow to move Item 2 up so the list would now be: - Item 2 - Item 1 - Item 3
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You can a decimal attribute, and add button up and down, with a nanoflow or microflow in the flow you change the order attribute. then change the number on click, for up change the number between the next end the one above.  


Have a look at the listview controls widget from the apps store:

This allows for:

• Text box search: Search box that can be used to search in multiple attributes or filter on a single attribute.
• Drop-down filter: Drop-down list with options which can be used to filter the data on various options.
• Checkbox filter: Checkbox which can be used to filter the data when checked on unchecked.
• Drop-down sort: Drop-down list with options to sort
• Pagination: Various pagination options.
• Header sort: Grid like header, enabling user to sort a list view.