suggestion for a new project

Hi All, I am now going to create a new project. I want to know which modeler version i should use for the new application. Your suggestions are welcome. I am now coding in 5.15.1 and 6.10.3 for my other older projects. And you suggest me to user 7.x version for the new project, then please let me know which version is recommended and how will it make a difference? Although i am reading the release notes, but need a suggestion.   Thanks in advance. Thank you.
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I would suggest the second most recent version of the current stable release (7.23 at the time of writing).

The only reason I would not suggest the very latest is that sometimes a serious issue is found and that version is withdrawn. If that is the latest version, you can’t roll back to an earlier version. I have been caught out on this before.

The exception to this is if there is a bug fix or feature in the latest version that you really need.



On the one hand I would always recommend updating to the newest Mendix version, so you have all the newest functionality. On the other hand when a Mendix version has just been released it's prone to have a few bugs which are not yet found. If a Mendix version is out for 2 weeks it's likely to have most bugs fixed in patches and therefore stable.

With that said I would recommend 7.23.6 (build 53654) of the Mendix Studio Pro.