Troubles by combine associations and retrieve workflow in one list

Hello,   For some time now, I've been trying to create a list, trying it with associations and workflows one at time. My goal is to create a list with the following structure: Project(Name) | TypeOfConnectivity(TypeName) | Planning(PlannedNumber) | Project(Status) The whole list should refer to one plant. So far I've created a list, Project with Association, which doesn't show the TypeOfCon yet. Then I also tried a workflow 'Retrieve TypeOfConnectivity to Factory', but the association to the factory is gone. Now I wanted to create the following list:   Project(Name) | TypeOfConnectivity(TypeName) | Project(Status) So I would like to combine retrieve and association. Do anyone have an idea? I'm still a beginner and I'm a bit over the top at the moment. Thank you very much. Marvin   Domain Model:
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If you want to display it in a datagrid, you could retrieve the TypeOfConnectivity objects, show them in the database, and add project name and status as extra columns. It will not work the other way around because of the 1-* association. In a grid, you can only show foreign data if it is unique.