Blocking progress bar gone before all html is loaded

Hi,    A client wants us to build a datagrid that loads many non-persistent objects (sometimes even up to 5000). You can imagine that it takes a while to load the page (up to 5 seconds). To indicate that the page is loading we make use of the blocking progress bar. However, our problem is that the blocking progress bar is only showing for a short while and is already gone before the page is fully loaded.  This gives the user the idea that all records are loaded while this is actually not the case.  So, what we need is a blocking progress bar that remains until all html is loaded.  The weird thing is that there is no problem when we enter the page from the navigation menu: the progress bar remains untill all html is loaded. It is only when we add/modify/delete records and want to refresh the page that the problem occurs.  Anybody any ideas how to solve this problem?    Regards
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Maybe as a workaround this widget: