Displaying content of listview on next page

hi all, I am developing a Quiz where i am displaying question in a list view so i can see list of my question on one page. But after displaying 3-4 question on 1 page i want to display rest question on next page using next button. how i can achieve this?   Pagination widget is also available can anybody tell me how to use it . Thanks
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Different ways to reach this, some are:

A – By Object Path;

1 – show in your list view the unanswered questions (questions which have no answer objects or so)


B – By a Custom Tracker mechanism;

1 – add a sorting number to a question (1,2,3...)

2 – keep track on the answered SORTED questions (1,2,3..)

3 – show jus the unanswered sorted questions 




Hi Deepali,

If you want pagination, you can have a look at this widget: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/105694/

Otherwise, you can go for Sinans suggestion