How to do json analyze in Mendix?

Hello all, I’ve get my api message in Mendix,but I wanna analyze my json and get the value.  Can anyone tell me how to do it? thx ^_^
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You should follow this training path: it teaches about import and export mappings. These mappings turn your JSON string into a set of objects, which you can then use normally in your application.


You can write out a hardcoded import mapping or implement something more generic in Java.

There exists various JSON querying language like JSONPath, JaQL, and JsonQuery. Some of them are similar to XPath. Pick a library, e.g. and json-path/JsonPath implement a Java action. You can then store your queries in some table, build a front end for manipulating and execute it.

For ultimate visualization you can use Jelte Lagendijk’s excellent widget at JelteMX/mendix-json-widget