Refresh Data View listening to microflow

HI, I have a nested data view and the inner data view is listening to a microflow. There is a tree view widget which triggers a microflow based on selection and this is the microflow that the inner data view listens to.  Entity: Part with self reference (*--*) Outer Data View – listens to data grid that lists all parts in database inner data view 1 – tree list showing part tree using Tree View Widget, selection on a tree triggers a microflow that just returns selected part inner data view 2 – listens to above microflow  I see that the microflow returns correct entity but somehow the data view is not refreshed to show this entity. Any suggestions would help...
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Are you sure you have the correct access rights for the entity the microflow is returning? It could be that the microflow returns an object the user has no access rights for, in that case the object is not returned.

An easy way to check this, is to enable 'apply entity access’ in the microflow. If you can stll see the objects to be returned in the debugger, you know you have the correct access rights. If you don't see the object in the microflow debuger, you do not have the access righs.