Duplication of Project Modules during Advanced Merge

Hey guys, I’m having this weird thing happen during the merge of two branch lines where project modules that contain changes (even just one or two changes) between the two branch lines will be duplicated causing like… thousands of errors. It never gives me an error, and completes the merge successfully with conflicts. Also, the modules that are duplicated generally have a fraction of what they’re supposed to have in them – sometimes just the changes. I would appreciate any help/assistance! If you need any info from me, just let me know here. Thanks in advance.
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You say the merge completes succesfully with conflicts. If you solve the conflicts using version control, does the double module then dissappear?

This would be normal behaviour then. If conflicted, Mendix creates a double of the module or element. When you resolve the conflict ‘using theirs’ or ‘using mine’ the correct version is chosen and the double is removed.