OData-service returns 560 error

Hi, We are having problems consuming a number of OData-services published in an application. When attempting to load the data in Excel the following error is returned: DataSource.Error: OData: Request failed: The remote server returned an error: (560) 560. (560) Details: DataSourceKind=OData DataSourcePath=https://{%applicationURL%}/odata/{%serviceName%} Url=https://{%applicationURL%}/odata/{%serviceName%}$top=1000 This does not happen on all OData-services, some are working as expected. There are a number of services that have some published resources that work and other resources that do not. I have checked the security on the services and the exposed entitites and these seem to be in order. Does anyone have any experience with this issue?  Kind regards, Koen
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This issue has been resolved by Mendix in 7.23.4. After upgrading to this version the error no longer occurs.