Login required when loading app via QR Code?

I am working on a presentation and the thought of having my audience scan the QR code and have the app in their hands during said presentation was a very exciting thing to find out.  When ever I scan the code however after publishing the App, I get sent to a login screen.  I can’t get past it and I don’t have any login functionality with the app.  My expectation is that it should just bring up the home page.  I’ve done this before back in January and it worked fine but I haven’t had the time to work on it since then.  Now I’m having difficulties. Below is a screen shot immediately following scanning the QR code.  Any help would be graciously accepted.  
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Hello Daniel,

The page you’re trying to get through is most likely not accessible to anonymous users – or you’re not using anonymous users.

Make sure anonymous users are enabled and the role has access to the pages you want to display without the user logging in.

Hope this helps


Probably should have stated I’m using the Mendix App to try and view.  I wouldn’t expect I would need specific User Access to test my app.