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I’m a Mendix rookie, I knew Mendix this May, it opened an amazing window for me to low-code, I learned quick developer learning path last one month and finished the demo within it.  here are some quetions if anyone may give me some guidance: Is there any more complicated project rather than a demo can I download for study or evaluate? Mendix give me an impression that only one runtime out there process everything, but as a developer, in my experience our system often include more than 1 servers, they collaborate to make the bussiness done.  How does Mendix migrate data if there new application created to replace the old application which were developed by othe platform?  How Mendix’s performance in high concurrency situation? I see Mendix support transaction, most of them in microflow and domain model event, here I wonder in the high concurrency situation, although the cloud can do scale, but in my opinion, the system will slow or sometime fails.   thx:)
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Hi Shuhua,

Great to hear you like Mendix.

  1. No, as far as I know, this doesn't exist out of the box, those type of application infrastructure projects are however widely spread in actual situations.
  2. You have several options, either export all the data from the old application in formats like XML/JSON/Excel (yes Excel). And import the data into your Mendix application. Create web service integrations (if web services exist for the old application or the old application still has the option to get them created). Direct database access via the DB connector module from Mendix. As you can read there is no standard solution.
  3. This largely depends on how you set up your application. There are situations in which Mx can work very well but definitely not in every situation. And you can really screw up your performance by using the wrong solutions within Mendix.


Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out for more specific questions. 

- Mitchel